Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My Experience at the Science Roadshow.

 My Experience at the Science Roadshow.    

On a Tuesday morning Room 7 and 5 went to a Science roadshow at Tamaki college. We all went in groups. I went with Motu’s Mum. When we got to Tamaki College we went inside auditorium then the hosts was talking about some clothes can be burnt, but other clothes can’t be burn.

Later on we went to go see some different stations the first one I went to was the laser, at laser there will be three glass and when the laser goes on it, it will thin film reflector. My best station I went was the eye test because I just had to do an eye test.

It was a really great day and lots of fun. I hope there would be a another trip next time.

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  1. Hey Samiuela its me your bestfriend asipeli i really like your writing about going to tamaki for a science Roadshow Keep up the good work