Thursday, 7 July 2016

Book Day

Book Day.
Today St. Pius X School came as a characters in our favourite book.. The reason why we came in our character of our favourite book was because it was a way of enjoying reading. I came and I was embermes because the rest had costumes. But Miss Tui had some so got and put it on. We went to the hall we had a Duffy assembly. Each class had to go up and say what character we are and from what book.   
Today was a fun day because almost everybody came in character. My favourite part of the day was when it was finished.   

Trip to Cathedral.

Trip to Cathedral

On July the first, St Pius X School had their chance to go on a trip to St Patrick’s Cathedral in the Auckland City. The reason why we had this trip, because it was the Year of Mercy and we went on a pilgrimage journey.

Once we arrived we waited outside the Cathedral and then entered the door of mercy that Bishop Patrick Dunn had blessed..When I walked in I could see a font and lot of photo of Jesus. During the mass, we sang a song for communion ‘Bread broken’’. After we finished our song we went up to receive communion. Later on we finished and we went to the hall and had our lunch.

It was my first time in the Cathedral and I learnt new things during the trip, the Cathedral was made over 100 years ago and inside the Cathedral is a foundation stone which was apart of the very first Cathedral of Auckland.