Monday, 20 February 2017

Margaret Aylward ||Acrostic Poem||

M - Margaret Louisa Aylward is her full name.
A - A woman who loves the poor.
R - Respects the poor  
G - Gives to the poor.
A - Always cared for the poor.
R - Reaches out to the poor.
E - Endless love for the poor.
T - The schools Margaret Aylward made was for the poor.

A - A loving person.
Y - You should love Margaret Aylward for what she has done.  
L - Loved everyone.
W - We thank Margaret Aylward for what she has done.
A -  A person that made a school for the poor.
R -  R.I.P on 11 October 1889
D - Died always helping the poor.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

About me

This is about me I have done an acrostic Poem about me, and also I have done a Picasso drawing about me.

Environment Acrostic Poem

E - Earth is part of this environment  
N - Never litter in this environment
V -  Vegetables grows in this environment
I - I live in this environment.
R - Rains helps this environment
O - Oxygen comes from the trees in the environment
N - New people are born into this environment
M - Many people live in this environment
E - Eating healthy is good in this environment.  
N - Nature is where all the wildlife lives
T - The environment is important to me


Mālō e lelei my name is Samiuela. I am a year 8, I like to play games outside and inside. I like to play on the ps4 when I'm inside my house, but outside I play sports. My favorite subject is Maths.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 4 – Packing Up

||Summer Learning Journey || Week 1: Ready, Steady…Go!||
Day 4 – Packing Up C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Children's suitcases.jpg
It’s official! You’ve chosen your country and bought your ticket. Now it’s time to pack for the big adventure! Think about where you are going and what the weather is going to be like when you arrive next week.
Activity 1
Q.To find out more about the weather in your chosen country log onto the Accu Weather website []. Type the name of the capital city of your country into the search bar. It will tell you what the weather is going to be like in your country of choice. On your blog, provide a five day forecast for the weather in the capital city of your chosen country.
A.On the 24th of Dec, on day time it’s sunny and at night it’s clear. On 25th of Dec it’s mostly sunny, and at night clear. On the 26th of Dec it’s partly sunny, and nighttime clear. On the 27th of Dec it's sunny to a bit cloudy, and at night mainly clear.  On 28th of Dec it’s partly sunny, and at night it’s mainly clear.

Activity 2
Q.Before you start packing your suitcase you will want to create a list of everything that you will need to bring with you. Most airlines let you bring one big suitcase with you so you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to bring…
On your blog site, post a list of everything that you need to pack for your trip. Put a star (*) beside the 5 items that you think are the most important.

A. Thing I would take with me.
* Phone ( In case you need help)
* Clothes
*  Money (when you need to buy something)
* Map (In case you get lost)
* Mp3 player. (When you get bored and want to listen to music)
I’ll only take this with me because I would only go starving if someone is there I know or I go with someone.