Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 best writing


On a fine day Mark & John was going for a walk in woods when suddenly Mark heard a sound but keep on walking Mark asked John to stop but he didn't then Mark heard it again.

Mark saw about  tree to fall on John so Mark ran as fast as he can and jump and push John out of the way, and John was safe, “DON’T EVER GO without me ok” said Mark, ok said John. They were both hungry so they sat down and had a little sack. “It getting dark” said John “yeah it is we better get going” said Mark, yeah but where are we” ? said John “let's just go and someone might find us” said Mark OK said John as soon they started to walk a big tree fell on Mark and he was stuck “HELP, HELP ME” said Mark, John tries to help but the tree was to heavy, so John went going for someone's help but there was one.

But when John was going to help Mark he saw some people camping so he and ask them if they came and help, they said yes so they got their first aid kid and ran to Mark they all lifted up the tree and Mark got out they check if he was hurt, but only his leg was injured so they went with the camper and stay with them for the night.

When it was morning they got in the camper car and took Mark to the hospital and Mark leg was healed and Mark & John became good friend with the campers.


Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter Story

1. In my first photo Mary of Magdalene went to the tomb but it was empty.

2. In my second photo Mary of Magdalene went and told the disciples.

3. In my third photo they went to the tomb and it was still empty.