Monday, 20 February 2017

Margaret Aylward ||Acrostic Poem||

M - Margaret Louisa Aylward is her full name.
A - A woman who loves the poor.
R - Respects the poor  
G - Gives to the poor.
A - Always cared for the poor.
R - Reaches out to the poor.
E - Endless love for the poor.
T - The schools Margaret Aylward made was for the poor.

A - A loving person.
Y - You should love Margaret Aylward for what she has done.  
L - Loved everyone.
W - We thank Margaret Aylward for what she has done.
A -  A person that made a school for the poor.
R -  R.I.P on 11 October 1889
D - Died always helping the poor.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

About me

This is about me I have done an acrostic Poem about me, and also I have done a Picasso drawing about me.

Environment Acrostic Poem

E - Earth is part of this environment  
N - Never litter in this environment
V -  Vegetables grows in this environment
I - I live in this environment.
R - Rains helps this environment
O - Oxygen comes from the trees in the environment
N - New people are born into this environment
M - Many people live in this environment
E - Eating healthy is good in this environment.  
N - Nature is where all the wildlife lives
T - The environment is important to me


Mālō e lelei my name is Samiuela. I am a year 8, I like to play games outside and inside. I like to play on the ps4 when I'm inside my house, but outside I play sports. My favorite subject is Maths.